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Description of the Program Room 13 is an international network of student-driven creative studios founded in 1994 in Caol, Scotland. The initiative has expanded throughout Europe, India, South Africa, North America, Asia, and other locations, to nearly 100 studios worldwide.

The Room 13 studio model is based upon four pillars of learning: philosophical inquiry, creative expression, reciprocal learning, and business enterprise. Each studio is guided by an artist-in-residence, referred to as AiR, who facilitates the students in their studio practice and achievement of the four stated objectives. Each studio is led by a student management team, responsible for decision-making and implementation of the business model. Each Room 13 studio, through its business practice, is expected to be self-sustaining to the best of its ability. In 2008, Light Bringer Project, a Pasadena-based nonprofit arts organization, established the first Room 13 in North America, at James Foshay Learning Center in South Los Angeles. The following year, the organization launched the second Room 13 studio at Eliot Middle School in Altadena. Soon after, Room 13 Marjorie, a neighborhood model, was begun in the South Bay area and then moved to Hollywood. In the fall of 2010, Light Bringer Project opened the fourth Room 13 studio at John Muir High School in Pasadena. In September, 2013, Room13/San Rafael began at San Rafael Elementary School in Pasadena. In summer of 2011, Thomas Coston, President of Light Bringer Project, was appointed to the Room 13 International Board of Trustees. Light Bringer Project has become a communications conduit for people who want to start a new Room 13 in the North American hemisphere. Since the opening of five Room 13’s in Southern California, new studios are always being formed. Three more studios are being developed in Los Angeles and Pasadena areas. Outside of California, there are currently established studios in Boone, North Carolina, Dillsboro, Indiana, Delmar, Missouri, and Lakewood, Colorado.  A recent display showing in Pasadena’s Public Library is even inspiring a Room 13 to start in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Room 13 Artist-in-Residence It is the main responsibility of the Room 13 AiR,  to support the young artist participants and to uphold the four guiding pillars of Room 13 International model. Respect for individuals and for individuals’ creative expression is an inherent value of Room 13 which the AiR promotes at all times. Typically described as the studio’s primary ‘adult influence,’ the AiR oversees all aspects of the Room 13 studio and experience. As an important part of engendering inquiry, idea-making and creative expression, the AiR also produces their own art within the studio environment as part of its shared art making experience. Light Bringer Project currently oversees the following studios in North America:

Room13/Eliot Eliot Middle School 2184 Lake Ave Altadena CA 91001 Studio Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 2:30-5:00 AiR: Liane Shih

Room13/Muir John Muir High School 1905 Lincoln Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103 Studio Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 3:00-5:30 AiR: Amy Wolkins

Room13/SanRafael San Rafael Elementary 1090 Nithsdale Road Pasadena, CA 91105 Studio Hours: everyday and selective after school Teacher/AiR: Allison Pultz

Room13/Hollywood The Edelsteins Hollywood, CA Opening in 2014 AiR: Jessica and Andrew Edelstein

Pix by Teens / Room 13/Eliot mentor Julie Klima

We are always looking for mentors in art and business to help us grow.

Please contact Light Bringer Project (626) 590.1134 or



Room 13 in Pasadena is supported in part with funds received from the Pasadena Tournament of Roses® Foundation.


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